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Dr. Russell A. Barkley

Shocking Statistics:
Why Understanding and Managing ADHD Is So Important

Dr. Sharon Saline

What Kids With ADHD Wish You Knew and How You Can Help Them

Dani Alomoto

How Brain Plasticity Allows Your Child’s Brain To Transform

Duane Gordon

ADHD Is A Family Affair

Susy O’Hare

A Mother Perspective On ADHD – It’s An Inside Job

Katherine Quie

Bringing Out the Brilliance of ADHD

Laurie Dupar

How to Tap Into The Positive Qualities of ADHD

Dr. Stephen Porges

The Polyvagal Theory and ADHD

Dr. Lisa Sulsenti

Nutritional Gamechangers for ADHD: A Plan That Changes Everything

Dr. David Yoder

Bio Hacking for ADHD

Dr. Edward Hallowell

The Best and Worst Parts of ADHD?

Brooke Schnittman

How To Train the ADHD Brain

Barry Bruder & Sandy Renfro-Wilson

The Latest Breakthrough In ADHD: Micro Current Neurofeedback

Dr. George Sachs PsyD

The Lifespan of ADHD: How ADHD Manifests Throughout the Years

Siegfried Othmer

Neurofeedback: A Brain Based Solution To A Brain Based Problem

Lynn Miner-Rosen

How Parents Can Coach Their ADHD Teen with Positive Career Conversations

Alma Galvan

A Mother’s Journey: How Brain Development Can Transform Your Child

Kolby Kail

How Speech and Language Therapy Can Change Your Child’s Life

Cindy Goldrich

Managing ADHD In The Classroom: Strategies for Teachers

Dr. Mark Bertin

ADHD Goes to School: Academic Success With Less Stress

Aaron Huey

How a Treatment Center Turns ADHD Into A Superpower

Avy-Loren Cohen

Turning Creative Youngsters Into Successful Professionals

Evan Kirsten

Shame and ADHD: Empowerment & Forgiveness For A New Experience

Frank Coppola

Procrastination – You’re Gonna Love It!

Kevin Roberts

Screenagers and ADHD: Strategies For Getting Children Off Their Devices

Jocelyn Burke

Empowerment & Executive Functioning

John Willson (Big John)

SOAR: A Transformational Camp For Kids With ADHD

Elaine Taylor-Klaus

What Parents Really Need To Know To Raise Kids With ADHD

Tamara Rosier

The Badger or the Bully? Teaching Your ADHD Child How To Respond

Denise Hornbeak

The Link Between Vision and ADHD

Gary Kramer

How Improv Improves ADHD Thinking, Social Skills, and Executive Functions

Dana Mazzonna

How Facebook Groups Can Help You Find Answers and Comfort

Shell Mendelson

The Best Career Change System Ever for ADHD Adults

Cristen Jacobsen

What Is A Highly Sensitive Child (HSC), and How It Relates To ADHD

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