Kristi Saul

Pre Birth and Early Life Trauma Changes the Brain, but Love Can Make A REAL Difference

About the Speaker

Kristi Saul holds a master’s degree from the University of Central Oklahoma with a focus in Family Therapy. She is the cofounder of The Post Institute, alongside Bryan Post. The Post Institute has provided trauma informed education, support, coaching, and therapeutic homes for over 20 years. Ms. Saul is a mother of 2 children. One child with complex trauma related to special medical needs, and the other an adopted child with a history of complex emotional and hysical trauma. With over 30 years of experience in working with families and children, Kristi brings a wealth of experience, wisdom, and compassion to her work. Kristi is an author of numerous articles and podcasts related to trauma, the impact of trauma, and what we can do as parents, caregivers, and professionals to help create healing. Kristi also serves as the head parenting coach for the Post Institute, teaching and supporting families in their healing journey for over 20 years. Kristi’s deep, applicable, understanding of the impact of stress on the mind body system, and solutions the solutions she offers, have been proven effective by families across the globe in creating healing for children and adults. It is said by many that “the approach is simple, but not always easy.” Unraveling our own early life experiences, internal stories, and even our own traumatic experiences that we bring from childhood into adult hood, is an ongoing process of healing and bringing peace to ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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