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Being a mother of an ADHD child with ADHD, and a wife of an ADHD husband, it has been a tremendous challenge for me –  first to understand ADHD and then accept it….. and after this program to have more compassion for them and myself…. The outstanding program you have so generously offered gave me the chance to feel empowered with new ideas and tools in my own ADHD toolbox.

I value and cherish the extraordinary amount of work, time and heart you have all put into bringing so many exceptional minds, experiences  and stories into our lives.



I just really want to thank you for all your hard work putting together an incredible Toolbox session. I am a senior diagnosed late in life & programs like yours over the past few years have opened up my world of acceptance of myself & freedom to breathe & be me. I can’t thank you enough Bob. Keep up the good work…because repetition is the mother of retention for me  (my lack of comprehension) your an angel.

Thanks again!

Mrs Manx

I have greatly benefited from this program. I have spent the past 3 years getting more familiar with ADHD. I have learned more in the last 15 days and have more resources available to me than in the past 3 years of my own research.

Many, many thanks!!

Thanks again!


Having a better understanding of ADHD helps me have a little more inner peace and empathy towards the student’s behavior in class; knowing he really cannot help his actions.

Pamela<br />

The ADHD Toolbox had great speakers who focused on a lot of the positive aspects of ADHD. It was very empowering forum for us as a family. My daughter now calls ADHD…. AVS (Attention Variable superpower).  So cool!


The interviews with the experts were so eye opening, particularly the brain development and gut health discussions. The ADHD community is so open and welcoming, and the speakers in the program offered some generous gifts and useful sign posting.  Thank you!


I’ve spent the last 2 yrs learning all I can about ADHD after receiving a diagnosis. I learned how impactful early brain development, and vision development is on ADHD symptoms. Neuroscience is making ADHD “real” for disbelievers which helps all impacted.  Thanks!


There were several talks that I felt were amazing! My favorite part was the developmental pediatrician who gave the 504 checklist , the talks on executive function and the talk about what to expect with ADHD as you age.


I thoroughly enjoyed all the time & work you put into bringing together all the speakers for The ADHD Toolbox to people like me.  Thank you.  I am so looking forward to the next one.   Well done!!!


Fantastic and diverse program. Really opened my eyes. I cannot thank you enough! Amazing speakers with wonderful resources. Should be marketed internationally!


Being a mother of ADHD child and a wife of ADHD husband has been tremendous challenge for me , first to understand it and then accept it. The outstanding program you have so generously offered gave the chance to feel empowered with new ideas and tools.  Fantastic!  Thank you!


In a very busy and fast pace world, this is a fantastic way to get information out to the public. I have been gathering information before making my own decision about the best treatment for my son.


There is a TON of HIGHLY valuable information provided in these videos!  Thank you so much!


The talks brought forth a lot of good information as to why people with ADHD act the way they do, which better helps us to understand and react in a more positive way to their behavior. How can we do better if we don’t know better !!!  Thank you Bob!


As a grandparent, I learned so much about ADHD. Knowing more helps me find that compassion that my grandson deserves. These speakers were outstanding! I really enjoyed their perspectives. They were obviously experts in their fields.


My 8 year old son was diagnosed earlier this year after a very long 5 year process of appointments & assessments. I have read so many books & done so much research online over the last 5 years to help my son as best I can. Now, with The ADHD Toolbox, I learned so many new strategies that we all can try. So thank you for this great resource.  I really appreciate it!


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