What’s Included In The ADHD Toolbox

The ADHD Toolbox includes 30 of the top speaker in the field:

  • Dr. Russell Barkley
  • Dr. Edward Hallowell
  • Dr. Sharon Saline
  • Dr. Steven Porges
  • Lynn Miner-Rosen
  • Cindy Goldrich
  • Kevin Roberts
  • ADDA
  • John Willson for SOAR
  • And Many More

The topics included in The ADHD Toolbox include:

  • Strategies that dramatically improve behavioral meltdowns
  • How to reduce screen time and overcome screen addiction
  • Techniques to develop your child’s brain and transform their behaviors
  • How Neurofeedback can help to manage ADHD
  • Coaching techniques that help improve daily life
  • How to help your child get their first job
  • Lower stress in school, so they can create friends and focus on learning
  • How teachers and parents can work together to improve behaviors
  • How to handle shaming and bullying
  • How good nutrition can help improve ADHD behavioral challenges
  • And much more…

This video help you understand how parts of the brain, specifically the Pons and the Midbrain, can effect ADHD.

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