Susan Lasky

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About the Speaker

Susan Lasky is a certified Productivity and Executive Function/ADHD Coach, Business Consultant and Professional Organizer.

She has been helping clients become more productive and successful for almost 30 years. Susan has been an advocate for people with ADHD since she co-founded CHADD of New York City in 1989.

Her focus is on the practical tools, compensatory strategies and mindset shifts that enable clients to clarify and attain goals, get and stay motivated, overcome overwhelm and procrastination, become better organized and effectively manage their time and priorities, papers, projects, relationships, communications, systems, space and stuff. As a result clients have less stress and gain more time, energy and focus to get things done, grow their business, succeed in school or the workplace, balance work/home/self-care, maximize their unique potential and close the frustrating gaps between potential and performance, ability and outcome.

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